Silicone Recycling

Silicone Recycling

pfpe-greaseIn this article, we’ll be outlining the importance of how grease plays a crucial role in the process of silicone recycling. In the world of silicone recycling, especially in this day and age, there is very little manual labor involved, which means all the hard work is done by industrial machines and tools. Therefore, just like most machines, having a high-quality grease is the key to efficient operations. Below are a few factors why choosing PFPE grease, the best industrial grease on the market is worth the extra cost.

Excellent compatibility

In terms of compatibility, PFPE based grease is by far the superior choice. As silicone often react to petrochemical based greases, it is highly recommended that the machinery and all moving parts involved in silicone recycling should use a more synthetic type of grease. PFPE grease also won’t react to metals, but instead stay put on the surface. PFPE grease is actually so strong, that a special solvent is required to completely remove the grease from a surface. If any other grease is applied to an already PFPE greased surface, the new grease will not be able to stick to the PFPE grease, and eventually fall off.

PFPE grease can only be thickened with PTFE powder, which also serves as an advantage due to the properties of the PTFE. The PTFE powder is actually so fine that it’s not only good for thickening, but also lessens the wear and tear on fast moving parts, such as ball bearings.

Completely chemically inert

All PFPE products, including PFPE greases are known for its inert properties. This means it will never ignite in high temperatures, and that is often a serious issue when choosing greases for high-heat operations. As silicone recycling can sometimes reach extreme temperatures when the silicone needs to be melted and remolded, using PFPE grease is highly recommended for safety and performance reasons.

Another factor to consider is that PFPE grease is the only grease that can withstand extreme humidity, this is not only important for silicone recycling processes, but also any machinery where the grease can be directly exposed to hot steam and other gasses.

Wide temperature range

PFPE grease has the highest temperature range compared to other mainstream greases on the market, handling extreme negative degrees well and perform effectively in high temperatures. Generally, the operating temperature range for a regular PFPE grease is anywhere between -36°C to 288°C (-33°F to 550°F).

In general, PFPE-based greases are very flexible and manufacturers can easily adjust the viscosity of the grease, to fit your requirements. As a general rule of thumb, the higher friction and more demanding tasks usually require a higher viscosity grease. However, always consult with your PFPE grease supplier before placing the order.

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