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With more than 5,000 tons of recyclable silicone and silicone materials collected and recycled each year, ECO U.S.A. is the leading expert in industrial silicone recycling.

We’ve accomplished this by developing an eco-friendly program that is good for business and good for the environment. Our sustainable solution has helped a wide range of industries cut costs and improve the environment. Here’s why it pays to use ECO U.S.A.:

  • Greater Security. We understand your need to comply with local, state and federal guidelines
    and have a track record of strict compliance. As the recycler, we have full control — from collecting to reprocessing your recyclable materials. ECO U.S.A. can also guarantee secure destruction of your sensitive information. We offer a Certificate of Destruction once the material has been fed through our shredders or steam machines.
  • Greater Convenience. We offer the complete package and a range of pick up services so you’ll find the service that most suits your needs. With our strategic multiple pick up sites throughout the world, we are able to collect recycled materials directly from our clients’ facilities within days of their request. Call us at (201) 282-5900 or email us for a free on-site visit to fully customize your pick up needs.
  • Greater Efficiency. Part of our program includes providing a comprehensive Recyclable Stream Analysis of the various kinds of materials your facility produces and determine how we can aid you in recycling as much of this material as possible.
  • Improved Bottom Line. ECO U.S.A. customers not only save on transporting and depositing tons of post-industrial materials at landfills or incinerators, but we also pay the most competitive rates for your material. Since we eliminate the middle man, we are in a position to match any offer from local recyclers or any other parties.
  • A Greener Environment. Companies that adopt the ECO U.S.A. program reduce their recycling problems and contribute to a healthier environment. Recycling one ton of silicone rubber saves, for example, 16.3 barrels of oil and 98 million BTUs of energy.

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  • ~ Silcotech North America

    Silcotech Logo" With one phone call to Eco USA, we made a significant dent in our budget, improved our bottom line and reduced our company's carbon footprint. The program has been a win-win all around. Douglas R. Snider - QMS Administrator Silcotech North America"

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