Silicone Recycling

Silicone Recycling

The cost of transporting and depositing industrial materials at landfills continues to rise. With the ECO U.S.A. program, for every ton of recycled silicone rubber, you can Save 30 cubic yards of landfill space:

  • This can translate into hundreds and thousands of dollars in management savings depending on the size of your recyclable materials stream.
  • Increase cash flow. Get paid to recycle.
  • Improve the environment. Recycling one ton of silicone rubber for example, saves 5,774 kwh of energy, 16.3 barrels of oil and 98 million BTUs of energy.

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ECO U.S.A Silicone Recycling

For more information about silicone recycling and how we can help you dispose of your silicone materials properly, email us or call us at (201) 282-5900.

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  • ~ Silcotech North America

    Silcotech Logo" With one phone call to Eco USA, we made a significant dent in our budget, improved our bottom line and reduced our company's carbon footprint. The program has been a win-win all around. Douglas R. Snider - QMS Administrator Silcotech North America"

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