Silicone Recycling

Silicone Recycling

Recycling Silicone 12

Because we are the end recyclers, we have full control over collection and reprocessing. ECO U.S.A follows strict protocols to comply with guidelines as we understand it is a major concern for our vendors. We take full legal responsibility for silicone scraps we collect and guarantee the protection of our clients’ original patented products and registered trademarks.

With our flexibility on various pick up services, we have been able to create ways of collecting the materials that are most suitable for each of our clients.

Our innovative solutions allow us to have higher reusable yield of silicone scrap materials. On a separate note, the transportation cost is 60% of the total cost for the recycling industry. By shipping the materials directly from our clients’ facilities to us, we are able to reduce transportation costs substantially.

Since we are the end user of the materials, we are able to match any offer from your local recycler or any other parties.

Our eco-friendly and environmentally conscious methods for recycling enables us to solve your waste problem whilst we help make our earth a better place for all.

We are obligated to make decisions that reward not only our current customers, suppliers, and employees but also reward the generations yet to come.

Learn how we can help you properly dispose of your silicone waste, email us or call us at (201) 282-5900.


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    Silcotech Logo" With one phone call to Eco USA, we made a significant dent in our waste management budget, improved our bottom line and reduced our company's carbon footprint. The program has been a win-win all around. Douglas R. Snider - QMS Administrator Silcotech North America"

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